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Jane D. Todd
Program Director

email: Jane@theCF.org
phone: 610-565-6171
fax: 610-514-9849

WomenCare works to address the full spectrum of issues affecting women and their families.

Our mentoring program is focused on serving the needs of women who are in the initial stages of gaining independence and self-sufficiency.

Currently, WomenCare serves women ages twenty and older primarily in Delaware County, PA, as well as surrounding counties in the region. Our program matches mentees with trained, volunteer mentors for one year.

Mentees, with the support of their mentors, set specific self-sufficiency goals to achieve in that year. The mentors meet on a weekly basis with their mentees to provide advice, guidance, and friendship.

Staff provides case management support, skills-based workshops, and aftercare to our mentees. All workshops and special family events are free, and all mentees receive assistance with childcare and transportation costs related to the program. 

If you are interested in receiving or becoming a mentor, please contact 
Jane Todd, our Program Director, at Jane@TheCF.org or 610-565-6171.

WomenCare Mentors

Through WomenCare, local women are placed into supportive relationships with women volunteers, called Mentors, who are interested in sharing their life experiences with WomenCare mentees, who we call Partners.

WomenCare Mentors work with Partners on goals such as:
  • Career readiness or advancement
  • Educational opportunities
  • Budget management
  • Balancing family and work
  • Communication and problem solving
  • Personal growth

Give back and share your experience. Help a woman reach her goals in life. We offer training for mentors.

WomenCare Partners

We believe that everyone needs help sometimes, so we call our WomenCare mentees "Partners." We interview and screen Partners to establish their needs and make the best match with a mentor.

Any woman who seeks help in developing her vision for the future can apply to be a Partner, including:
  • Low income women
  • Single mothers
  • Survivors of domestic abuse
  • Women going back to school
  • Women who have recently moved to this country
  • Women transitioning from public assistance

You don't have to face the challenges of life alone. Apply to be matched with a mentor today.

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Apply to Get a Mentor

Apply to get a mentor and become a WomenCare Partner.

WomenCare Partner Application Form (PDF)


Apply to get a mentor and become a YPSN or TeenCare Mentee.

Teen Program Mentee Application Form (PDF)






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