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Kim A. Yacoubian, MSS
Manager, Teen Programs

email: Kim@TheCF.org
phone: 610-565-6171
fax: 610-514-9849

Our Teen Programs empower teen moms and girls to realize their full potential.

Adult Mentors provide support for pregnant, parenting, and at-risk teens while they finish school, prepare for higher education or a career.

The Center Foundation has two mentorship programs for teens: the Young Parents Support Network (YPSN), which is a teen parent mentoring program, and TeenCare, which is a mentoring program for teen girls at-risk of not graduating high school.

YPSN, our flagship teen program, was developed in collaboration with Project ELECT of the Delaware County Intermediate Unit, which remains a formal partner in the project.

To attend our upcoming Mentor Training on April 25th, please call 610-565-6171 or email Kim Yacoubian at Kim@TheCF.org for details.


Mentors are compassionate volunteers who provide one-on-one mentoring to pregnant, parenting, and at-risk teens for one year.

Mentors work with mentees on goals such as:
  • Completing high school
  • Working on parenting skills
  • Communication and problem solving skills
  • Career and educational planning
Become a Mentor

Give back and share your experience. Help a teen parent reach their goals in life. We offer training for mentors.

Become a Mentor


Are you pregnant, a teen parent or teen girl who could use some extra support in your life? The Center Foundation provides free mentoring and other services to help you during this time.

Teens who participate in our program meet with their Mentors once a week to:
  • Share in cultural, educational, and sports activities
  • Work toward academic, career and personal goals
  • Get support dealing with school and parenting issues
  • Learn about career options and community resources.
Get a Mentor

You don't have to face the challenges of being a teen alone. Apply to be matched with a Mentor today.

Get a Mentor

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Help local women gain independence and self-sufficiency as a WomenCare Mentor


Share your compassion with pregnant, parenting or at-risk teens as a Mentor for YPSN or TeenCare.


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Apply to Get a Mentor

Apply to get a mentor and become a WomenCare Partner.

WomenCare Partner Application Form (PDF)


Apply to get a mentor and become a YPSN or TeenCare Mentee.

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